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With the recent growth in cloud computing, more and more businesses are beginning to adopt cloud-based storage solutions that help them to streamline different aspects of their work.

There are a number of applications available to businesses, many of which offer a secure and efficient way to share, manage, and collaborate on important documents.

Do you have trouble getting information from your clients? When we ask this question to bookkeepers and accountants, the answer is almost always a resounding laugh along with an overwhelming YES!

Nothing's worse than missing information when it comes to keeping your clients bookkeeping up to date. Without the correct and up to date information, it's nearly impossible to get a fully accurate and clear financial picture.

Throughout the past decade, there has been a drastic shift in how bookkeepers and accountants not only perform their work, but add value to their clients. Online accounting applications such as QuickBooks Online and Xero have become a norm in the industry and have allowed for firms to have the ability to become virtual bookkeepers, meaning they are able to telecommute and work with clients virtually, instead of physically working from a client's office.

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