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It's only a few weeks until the official start of summer. With the busy tax season wrapping up, many of us shift our minds to spending time outdoors, barbequing with friends and embarking on that much-deserved family vacation. But, did you know that the summer can be one of the most productive times of the year for your business? Below are 6 strategies that will help you take advantage of the summer slowdown to reflect, recalibrate and recharge.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are often too preoccupied with day to day operations to economically weigh the use of their time. However, with limited time and resources, a lack of human capital can be a deterrent to growing one's practice. Here are 3 signs you know you're ready to hire, tailored for bookkeepers and accountants.

Referral marketing has always been one of the most used techniques that bookkeepers and accountants focus on to generate new leads and increase their client base. In fact, a prospective client is 83% more likely to work with a business when a friend or family member recommends their service. As technology changes, so do the strategies that promote referral marketing.

Managing multiple clients can be an overwhelming experience, and can be stressful for a bookkeeper as your reputation is on the line constantly. The good news is, if you can design a system that works for you and implement certain tools to help stay organized, you'll have happy clients and your business will flourish. Here are 5 tips to get you on the road to success:

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