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We've had another year of record growth at LedgerDocs HQ and what better way to celebrate our success than to look back at some of the high points from 2016. As always, we'd like to sincerely thank all of our wonderful app users and promoters for their continued support and we wish them a very Merry Christmas & New Year.

How you choose to market your firm will have a huge impact on your ability to generate leads and referrals for your practice. More than ever, your firm's online presence is the key to expanding your reach. To help you with the process of increasing your firm's online presence, we've put together this list of our 5 top tips.

To celebrate our partnership with ScanSnap, we've teamed up with Fujitsu to offer bookkeepers, accountants and their clients some limited time discounts on ScanSnap products and LedgerDocs plans (details below). To purchase, simply follow the steps specified below depending on your location (US or Canada). Please note that offers are country specific as distribution partners differ in both regions. 

Are you a bookkeeper or an accountant who's passionate about numbers and loves to get gifts relating to their beloved profession? Maybe your loved one is a numbers person and you've ran out of ideas for presents this holiday season? Whatever your situation, we've put together a list of 5 great gift ideas for the modern bookkeeper or accountant. 

One of our favorite topics to talk about at LedgerDocs HQ is how to identify your firm's niche. Having the ability to identify and attract a profitable niche for your firm is a key step to expanding because it allows you to position your practice as a specialized, value-adding service. It is equally important to note that a niche doesn't have to represent a full industry, it can be a much smaller segment of the market varying from startups to florists. To help you define and attract your niche we've put together the below list of tips.

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