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Bookkeepers & Accountants

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Built for Accountants by Accountants – so we get it!

We pride ourselves in understanding your priorities and needs. We have combined our 20+ years of accounting and bookkeeping knowledge to develop the most comprehensive and powerful document management solution available.

Our cloud-based software provides automation, collaboration, document storage, and data security in one convenient spot. Create an efficient document management workflow that saves time and keeps your data safe with LedgerDocs!

Laptop with Ledgerdocs tab open
Laptop with Ledgerdocs tab open
Client and bookkeeper using LedgerDocs collaboration tools.

Document Workflow Features to cut out the back and forth

Client and bookkeeper using LedgerDocs collaboration tools.

LedgerDocs will change how you do business with thoughtful workflow features designed by bookkeepers for bookkeepers. Allowing bookkeepers, business owners, and accountants to work together anywhere and anytime, streamlining their workflow and increasing efficiency.

Check out just a few of LedgerDocs’ key features!

Powerful Integrations to Your System

We know how intimidating working with a new software app feels, especially in the beginning stages. Questions arise.

“Will I be able to use my other apps with LedgerDocs?”

“Can I upload my paper documents from my scanner directly to LedgerDocs?”

“Will this document management system work with QuickBooks Online or other accounting software?

YES! LedgerDocs is always ready to connect and sync with your current financial tools and accept uploads from your favorite apps. You will not have to duplicate your efforts. Once connected, you can finally sit back and relax.

How it Works

Think about how much time will be saved!

Your clients can upload files to LedgerDocs for your review, and then you post them to the accounting software with the help of its AI-powered optical character recognition technology. After which, the platform will swiftly transfer, extract data, and categorize. Documents are then searchable and sharable, allowing effortless collaboration between team members.

Check out this short video and see for yourself.

Need Help Getting Set Up?

Experience LedgerDocs’ White Glove service: we’ve got your back with staff invites & easy account allocation, personalized setup, company creation, slick folder templates, and even custom emails for your crew.


We get it – reviews are crucial for new clients to understand how awesome LedgerDocs is and all the different things it can do. Check out the reviews below, and you will gain insights into our user-friendly software, its extensive features, and our exceptional customer support. We offer various support options, including white glove onboard for companies with 10+ accounts. We are confident you will discover LedgerDocs as the ideal solution for your current and future needs.

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Women on the phone
Women on the phone

Commonly Asked Questions

Welcome to the LedgerDocs FAQs, your one-stop resource for all the information you need to make the most out of our document management system.

LedgerDocs helps you streamline your financial business processes by automating the data entry process through the use of AI-bookkeeping technology. Plus, it allows file sharing, audit trails, version control and history, and secure cloud storage. It is seriously a game-changer for all accountants and bookkeepers who want to enhance their business processes and improve customer relationship management issues.

LedgerDocs uses 256-bit SSL encryption to secure all communication between your computer and its servers. The platform also uses AWS S3 to store your data, providing multiple layers of security and redundancy to ensure your data is safe and accessible.

The system supports a wide variety of file types, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, XLS (and XLSX), DOC, DOCX, TXT, and CVS. Files can be uploaded using various methods, including direct upload from your computer, email, scanner, or mobile app.

Once connected, paper documents can up uploaded in seconds. Upload time may also depend on the size and complexity of the document, internet connectivity, and the current server load. Overall, you can expect quick uploads and processing speeds.

Like a file cabinet, except so much better. Users can tag business documents with keywords and organize them into folders and subfolders. You will be able to access documents quickly and use the version control option to stay current.

Yes! It’s the best way to automate reminders for unpaid invoices or bank statements that need to be reconciled.

Yes – our mobile app allows users to upload and access financial documents on the go.

Of course. We encourage it and know that one of the key features is the collaboration tools that are built into the system.

There are several convenient 24/7 support options available for our customers.
  • Knowledge Base: Our extensive knowledge base provides detailed instructions, articles, and videos to assist clients with how to use the platform.
  • Email Support: You can contact us for support by sending an email to The support team will respond as quickly as possible.
  • Live Chat: If you have a quick question or need immediate assistance, use the live chat feature.
  • Phone Support: You can also call us directly at (888) 544-0306. This is a toll-free number for our customers in North America.
  • Video Tutorials: Check out our video tutorials that will walk you through the easiest ways to use the platform.
  • Community Forum: Join our community and utilize the forum where customers can connect with one another and share experiences and insights.

Resources & Insights

Our Resources & Insights page is a comprehensive source of information on essential accounting, bookkeeping, and tax-related topics for small businesses and accounting professionals.

Our diverse array of resources include meticulously crafted articles, guides, webinars, and videos, all aimed at providing up-to-date insights into these critical areas.

We encourage you to use our Resource Centre often, and if there is a particular subject of interest, feel free to contact us here.