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3 Reasons Your Bookkeeper Needs to Offer a Scanner App

Ever feel like you are buried in receipts? Brick-and-mortar establishments are still using paper receipts, and now they feel cumbersome. You might throw them in a shoebox until you have time to deal with them. Often, they get lost or misplaced by the time you want to record them on your financial spreadsheets.

In the meantime, receipt-scanning apps eliminate those issues. If your bookkeeper or accountant has not yet offered a scanner app, it may be time to broach the subject! Get on board and save time and headaches from storing, compiling, and recording these little pieces of paper that are much more important than they appear!

Present these ideas to your bookkeeper!

  • We are in the digital age!

According to Finances Online, over 70% of businesses have a digital transformation strategy. Why? It saves time and reduces labor costs. Paperwork has been the bain of business owners for decades. Data entry is time-consuming and is not always accurate. Human error gets in the way due to lost or misplaced receipts and manual mistakes that are relatively common.

  • Paperless bills and receipts reduce human contact.

Post-Covid has made everyone more aware that we needn’t continue touching items previously handled. Fewer receipts that exchange hands, the better!

  • Receipt apps eliminate clutter.

Since tax records need to be maintained for six to ten years, saving paper receipts is a storage nightmare. They have to be separated and bundled by expense category, legibly identified, and stored in the event they are needed in the future. Use a receipt scanner, and presto – the need for all that labor and storage is eliminated!


LedgerDocs’ Scanning App

Our app is simple!: It will take a photo of the receipt and upload it within minutes, along with its expense category. It can also handle contracts, invoices, and vendor documents. Scan any grocery, retail, or restaurant receipt after shopping, and you can manage your expenses from your mobile phone. Go paperless! LedgerDocs has the scanner app that will streamline the entire process.

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