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4 Key Issues Document Management Software Solves

There is a lot of noise in the business community about apps that claim to save time and money. But if you have to spend an excessive amount of time and money just to integrate and learn how to use, then how valuable are they really? When LedgerDocs was founded, we knew it had to be an easy-to-use and affordable application. It has become the best solution to manage essential data.  We also knew it had to solve the four critical challenges that accountants and bookkeepers face. For example, many small- and medium-sized businesses that use the services of accountants and bookkeepers do not have the knowledge or ability to provide financial and management data efficiently, making financial reporting more laborious and complex.

LedgerDocs is a fully automated application that removes the unnecessary wait times from client to financial professional by making their part of the process as simple as possible.

Check out the four key issues that LedgerDocs document management software solves, and you’ll see what we mean.

  1. The client does not have a simple way to share data.

LedgerDocs was developed to make the uploading process easy, so nearly any method of sharing will work! Clients can use their smartphone, ScanSnap, Canon scanner, email, or even share documents through their Dropbox account. Multiple ways of uploading translate to efficiencies and time saved – receipts and other documents can be uploaded into their client folder so that the information is there when you need it.

  1. You are bogged down with daily activities that are not automated. 

This intelligent software includes live dashboard panels to schedule tasks and other functions that will free up valuable time and get your business running smoothly. Find documents easily by using the quick and advanced search options! Plus, the automated schedule can pull statements and other documents from your clients’ banks and credit unions. Increase your billable time by streamlining the process.

  1. Clients use in-house accounting applications.

Many small and medium businesses use QuickBooks Online and FreshBooks as they are efficient for daily financial tracking. However, getting that information from the clients isn’t always expedient. The LedgerDocs software makes it easy to sync with QuickBooks Online and FreshBooks, so the documents are automatically updated and ready to use. It also solves the problem of trying to discover which versions are the most recent!  No more having to request records and wait!

  1. Not all clients have the same needs.

Too often, standard document management software does not allow for variations, yet not all clients are the same! LedgerDocs was built for customization when needed. Private folders and unique email addresses for each company protect sensitive information. Customize your filing cabinet to include special folders and subfolders to make it intuitive to your specific needs!

When you look at the parts of your financial company that lack efficiency, think LedgerDocs. It may not solve what to have for lunch, but it will be the simplified solution you have been looking for!


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