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4 Tips to Train Your Employees on Cloud Adoption


For bookkeepers and accountants with several employees, it can be as challenging to integrate cloud technology into your staff’s day to day activities as it is to convince customers to get on board the cloud bandwagon. Fortunately, we’re here to help advise you on the best possible way to do this with the below four steps to increase employee cloud adoption.

1. Focus On the Benefits

Attempting to get your head around new cloud-based software can be a daunting task, particularly if the overall benefits aren’t communicated effectively. For successful cloud adoption, the employer needs to present the benefits of cloud-based software clearly and transparently to employees. You should focus on the time-saving aspects of using this technology along with the enhanced security features. By comprehensively outlining the benefits you can expect to see greater enthusiasm amongst your employees for this technology change.

2. Provide Comprehensive Training

One of the biggest success factors to effective employee cloud adoption is training. In the early stages of integrating new cloud software into your employee’s workflow, you should set up a comprehensive training program for them to get to grips with the basic workings of the software. Most cloud-based software solutions have countless online resources to enable easy adoption including webinars, demos, and step by step guidelines. Your own knowledge of the product will also help your employees to understand it’s workings and you should include your own training sessions on the overall training program.

3. Lead by Action

In most cases, employees need to see adoption from the top to know they should begin to follow. You need to be your cloud software’s biggest fan which means you shouldn’t delay adopting new software until after your employees have done so.

4. Transition Slowly

To ensure that cloud software is adopted effectively by your employees you should create milestones for your firm to reach around software integration and share these with your staff. Full integration will not happen overnight and you should give yourself and your team enough time to get to grips with the changes new technology can bring. Above all else be patient and supportive and pretty soon you and your team will be cloud experts.


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