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5 Advantages of Receipt Scanning Apps

The days of shoeboxes and folders filled with receipts are on their way out for good. If you have not heard about receipt scanning apps, you’re in for a real treat. Receipt management software provides the capability for digitally organizing and maintaining receipts. If you are a business owner, bookkeeper, or accountant, a receipt scanning app is the most effective way of keeping track of all documents and receipts that may otherwise be misfiled or misplaced. It is easy to see why this technology is becoming so popular. Read on to discover five of the best reasons to change to document scanning software for your business sooner than later!

  1. Tax Time Made Simple

The most significant benefit of receipt scanning apps is that digital receipts make tax time a snap. Use the app to scan and send each receipt as they transpire. Some receipt management apps allow you to upload the digital receipt or document directly to a specific folder via email, text, or scanner.  Other brands are capable of sending files via email only, so make sure to review the details before signing on.

  1. Increased Security

Private purchases printed out on paper receipts and left lying around the office or home are not very secure. Anyone can pick them up and misuse or misplace them. Plus, you could lose paper receipts forever from a fire, flood, or another natural disaster. When you use receipt scanning apps, you have the confidence of knowing your documents are safe and secure in the cloud.

  1. Efficient Processing & Fewer Mistakes

When employees manually input financial numbers from paper receipts, there is an element of human error. Plus, storing and sorting them has always been time-consuming and a very tedious task. Digital receipts can be easily organized by date, vendor, price, and payment method by saving them by category while being scanned. Human error is reduced or eliminated, and an extraordinary amount of time is saved.

  1. Easy to Access & Share

Financial projects and tasks do not have to be a nightmare every time you look for something. The best document management software includes advanced search, the ability to add notes and tags, and thumbnail reviews. The documents are available to be viewed from any location as long as you are online. Plus, even though this technology is very secure, you can easily share with others via email and cloud-based folder sharing.

  1. Finally! Organization at Your Fingertips

Receipt management apps offer the best way to manage receipts for your small business. It’s perfect for expense reports, budget tracking, financial reporting, and more. And yes, reducing clutter is just one of the bonuses of using a receipt scanning app.

At LedgerDocs, our receipt management software is comprehensive yet easy to use. With multiple ways to upload your receipts and financial documents, you can stay on top of your company’s financial situation. Our system includes bank fetching, advanced searches, collaboration, integration with other apps, and customization. We know you will see what we mean when you check out our free tutorial! Save time to make more revenue!


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