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5 Gift Ideas for Bookkeepers & Accountants

whatever happens bookkeeping mug

Are you a bookkeeper or an accountant who’s passionate about numbers and loves to get gifts relating to their beloved profession? Maybe your loved one is a numbers person and you’ve ran out of ideas for presents this holiday season? Whatever your situation, we’ve put together a list of 5 great gift ideas for the modern bookkeeper or accountant.

1. Bookkeeping Mugs

Cafepress are advertising this wonderful mug with the slogan ‘Whatever Happens in Bookkeeping Stays in Bookkeeping’ for $13. This is the perfect gift for the bookkeeper in your life who appreciates a good seasonal beverage and has a cheeky sense of humor to boot.

5 Gift Ideas for Bookkeepers & Accountants


Alternatively, you can get your hands on an ‘I Love SpreadSheets’ mug from for $12. This is the perfect mug for bookkeepers & accountants who love talking about spreadsheets and can’t get enough of Excel formulas.


2. Pajamas

If you or your loved ones appreciate a quality pajama set and love all things bookkeeping related, this is the perfect gift to buy. Cafepress is selling a women’s pajama set with the slogan ‘Job Title: Ninja Bookkeeper’ for $44 with matching pajama pants available in several designs. Perfect for duvet days over the holiday festival.

5 Gift Ideas for Bookkeepers & Accountants

3. Accountant Scarf

Do you know a stylish accountant who can rock a pashmina? Etsy has a beautiful silkscreen pashmina scarf with a ledger paper print design complete with balance sheet. You can purchase this handmade scarf for $60.85 just in time for tax season.

5 Gift Ideas for Bookkeepers & Accountants

4. Calculator Necklace

You can also purchase a beautiful, handmade, calculator pendant necklace and Swarovski birthstone at Etsy for $38.71. This sterling silver jewelry piece is ideal for numbers-obsessed bookkeepers and accountants and the birth stone is a beautiful addition.

5 Gift Ideas for Bookkeepers & Accountants

5. Suitsy

If you’re a bookkeeper or an accountant who finds themselves having to wear business suits regularly, we have just the gift for you. The Suitsy is a business suit, all-in-one, onesie complete with adjustable false shirt cuffs and a zipper behind the shirt placket for easy opening. The Suitsy looks professional and stylish while also being ridiculously comfortable. This outfit comes to $264 and is the perfect alternative to a work suit.

5 Gift Ideas for Bookkeepers & Accountants

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