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5 More Ways to Get Your Documents into LedgerDocs

5 More Ways to Get Your Documents into LedgerDocs

LedgerDocs was created to make the lives of bookkeepers and accountants as simple as possible. This is why we have had a focus on creating innovative and time efficient solutions that allow for their clients to upload documents, with just a click of a button.

Whether you want to take a picture of a receipt with your phone or tablet, scan a shoebox of documents, or even fax important files into LedgerDocs, we have a solution for you. Below are a list of five tools that allows for clients to quickly upload their documents directly to their bookkeeper or accountant.

Emailing documents into LedgerDocs makes sharing documents simple. Each company profile has a unique LedgerDocs email address which enables users to send and forward documents, directly into the application. Clients can attach their documents, write a message in the body of the email about the context of the document, and press send. The document will then show up in the LedgerDocs account with the attached notes. See our help desk to learn more about setting up your unique LedgerDocs email.

Whether you are using a Fujitsu ScanSnap, Doxie Go, or any other type of scanner, scanning documents into LedgerDocs is simple. Once the documents are scanned to your computer, users can log in to the application and quickly upload their important files. Want a more streamlined solution? See below for two more way to scan documents directly into LedgerDocs!

  1. Many specialized scanners such as the Fujitsu ScanSnap offer a scan-to-email function that allow for scanned documents to be automatically emailed to an address. With LedgerDocs, you are able to create a unique email address for each of your clients. This means that clients can automatically scan their documents into LedgerDocs via scan-to-email!
  2. Have a DropBox account? Syncing your Dropbox and LedgerDocs accounts makes uploading documents even easier! With Dropbox, you can set up a folder on your desktop that allows for clients to drag and drop their important files directly into LedgerDocs. This also allows for you to simply scan documents into the folder, which will then be automatically uploaded into LedgerDocs.  Want more information? See our “Dropbox for accounting documents” blog post!

Uploading documents using your smartphone is just as simple. The free iPhone app allows for users to snap a picture of their receipts and documents, create notes, and add custom tags.
Don’t have an iPhone? You can use any smartphone with internet access to upload your documents directly into LedgerDocs. Simply take a picture of your receipt(s) and send it to your unique LedgerDocs email address! The documents will quickly show up within seconds.

Whether you are using an iPad, Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus, or any other type of tablet, there is a simple way to upload your documents into LedgerDocs.  Similar to using a smartphone, users are able to take a picture of their receipts and documents, and email them directly to their unique LedgerDocs email address. The files will instantly show up in the LedgerDocs inbox, where they can be accessed by the LedgerDocs user.

That’s right. You can even fax your documents directly into LedgerDocs! There are a number of third party applications available that allow for you to sync a fax number with a unique email address. FaxWorx and eFax, for example, are two applications that allow for clients to fax their important accounting documents to a fax number, which can then be rerouted to your unique email address. Once sent, the documents will quickly be updated in LedgerDocs.

Whether you are using a fax machine, email, smartphone, or scanner, the possibilities of uploading and managing documents within LedgerDocs is endless. Not only is LedgerDocs a document management system, it is a way to streamline the bookkeeping and accounting process, save time, and make the process of exchanging documents as simple as possible between client, bookkeeper, and accountant.Want to hear more LedgerDocs tricks? Sign up for our a free demo today and let our friendly support team show you around!

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