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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Information Secure

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Information Secure

With the growth of technology throughout the past decade, we are becoming more and more dependent on our online information in our daily lives.

Whether it is your email, online banking, LedgerDocs account, or any other online application, it is important for users to take all the precautions available in order to keep data safe when accessing important information online. With that said, our team has come up with five simple password tips that will help to ensure that your information remains safe and secure.

Make Strong Passwords

Creating a strong password is one of the most important precautions a user can take to secure their information, and believe it or not, is sometimes overlooked by many people. When creating a password, make sure to use the entire keyboard. A great password includes upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and even symbols if possible.

*Pro Tip – Use a generic password for all of your applications and add three or four digits to the end that are unique to the application. This makes remembering passwords simple, while maintaining a unique password for each application.

Keep Passwords a Secret

Sharing credentials and passwords can lead to big problems, as account owners have no way to know who did what within the application. Wherever possible, each user should have a unique login ID and password to enter the application.

Make Strong Security Questions

Security questions are created with the purpose to ensure your information is safe, while making it easy for you to access your information. With the vast technologies available, the simple question of your mother’s maiden name is no longer safe, as it is now too easy to research basic information about you. Create questions that have deep personal meaning to you, and be careful about what you share on social networking websites.

Protect your Computer

It is important to install and maintain malware and virus protection from a reputable vendor on your computer. This is a simple way to ensure that all of your information is safe.  It is also important to regularly update your PC with operating system updates and application patches in a timely manner. These updates are made available to ensure you are protected and have the latest technologies available.

Be Suspicious of Other Computers

Sometimes it is necessary to access important information from a third-party computer. With that said, public kiosks, including computers in hotels, airport lounges, and public libraries, are used by many people, and are not always kept up-to-date with malware and virus protection. Information can also be easily accessed at a later date either accidentally or on purpose, and can lead to a serious threat in security.

As technology advances, it becomes more and more important to use the tools available to secure your important information. With these five simple precautions, users are able to make it substantially more difficult for “bad people” to access important data. See our features page for more information on how you can secure your important accounting documents with LedgerDocs.

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