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7 Speakers to See at Intuit Thrive 2016


We’re very excited for this year’s Intuit Thrive event in Toronto. There’s an action packed schedule for attendees so to help you decide what talks to see we’ve put together a list of 7 must-see speakers. Don’t forget to call over to our LedgerDocs booth to learn more about our latest product updates and to say hi!

1. Jeff Borschowa:

Jeff is the founder of Business Evolution Consulting Inc. and Dream Practice. He is a thought-leader in the accounting world and a definite must-see at this year’s Thrive event. Jeff will be talking between 2.05-2.50pm on Novemeber 20th about ‘Developing Your Niche’ and at 3.25-4.10pm on ‘Apps For Your Accounting/Bookkeeping Practice’.  He will also be doing a talk on day 2 of the conference at 1.30-2.15pm on the topic ‘Apps for the Service Industry’.

2. Dianne Mueller and Louie Prosperi:

We thoroughly enjoyed Dianne and Louie’s talks at the recent IPBC event. Their shared experience and range of expertise is essential listening for Canadian bookkeepers. Dianne and Louie will be speaking on day 1 of Thrive at 2.05-2.50pm. The topic of their talk is ‘Hiring an Accountant/Bookkeeper: You’ll need more than a Phone Book’. Hiring tips were a hot topic at IPBC so Dianne and Louie are sure to have great insights to share at Thrive.

3. Alan Salmon:

Alan is a leading analyst in the area of accounting technology with over 34 years’ experience in business, management systems, education and journalism. He is a true veteran of the industry and his talk at IPBC had one of the highest attendance. He will be speaking on day 1 of Thrive at 3.25-4.10pm. The topic of his discussion will be ‘Reinvent your Practice (Today, Tomorrow And Beyond)’.

4. Michael Palmer:

Michael is a business coach helping entrepreneurs around the globe to grow their business. His background in corporate business gives him a unique view into what makes businesses successful and he is another must-see at this year’s Thrive event. His talk will be on ‘Building Your Marketing For Your Bookkeeping Business’ at 2.20-3.05pm on day 2.

5. Ron Baker:

Ron is a talk-show host, writer and founder of the VeraSage Institute; a think-tank dedicated to helping professional knowledge firms. He has over thirty years of industry experience and will be presenting day 2’s keynote on the topic ‘Top 10 Business Myths’ at 9.00-9.45am.

6. Juliet Aurora:

Juliet’s 20 yearlong accounting career makes her essential viewing at this year’s Thrive event. Juliet is co-founder of AIS Solutions, a cloud-based bookkeeping and small business advisory firm which also specializes in QuickBooks training. Her ‘Kninja Knetwork’ initiative is dedicated to providing a support community for QBO bookkeepers. Juliet’s talk will be on the topic ‘Onboarding Your First QBO Client’ at 1.30-2.15pm on day 2.

7. Evelyn Jacks:

Evelyn is a revered financial author with particular interest in tax and financial literacy and founder of Knowledge Bureau; a national post-secondary educational establishment for professional advancement in tax and financial services. Evelyn will be speaking on the topic ‘Peak your Profits: Scale up Your Firm, Your Profile and Your Impact’ at 1.30-2.15pm on day 2.

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