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A Better Way to Manage Your Dropbox Accounting Document Files

We’re excited to announce a major update to our Dropbox integration.

To recap, this integration combines Dropbox’s world class syncing and cloud file storage platform with the collaboration features of LedgerDocs into a powerful document management and practice management tool for bookkeepers, accountants, and their clients.

Dropbox and LedgerDocs: How it Works

  • Once you connect your Dropbox account to LedgerDocs, a LedgerDocs folder will be created in your root Dropbox folder. This folder will contain a subfolder matching each of your companies in LedgerDocs
  • Any files placed in these folders will sync with the corresponding Inbox of the company in LedgerDocs. If a file is deleted or moved in either application, it will also be deleted/moved in the other
  • Files can be renamed in each application, and will be updated automatically in the other


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Getting Started

  1. Login to your LedgerDocs account (or sign up for a 14 day trial if you don’t have one already)
  2. Go to the Extras section at the top-right of the page and follow the instructions in the Integrations tab to authorize your Dropbox account
  3. After the initial sync between the two apps is complete, any files you put in your Dropbox > LedgerDocs folder will also appear in the Inbox of your LedgerDocs company


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