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A Collaboration Tool for Bookkeepers, Accountants and Businesses

A Collaboration Tool for Bookkeepers Accountants and Businesses

Collaborating with clients and work colleagues can be a challenge; especially when it comes to working with important financial documents. Luckily, there are tools available that help to promote collaboration among businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants.

LedgerDocs, for example, was built around the idea of simplifying the bookkeeping and accounting process for all parties involved. A large part of this stems from creating an environment that allows for multiple users to easily manage and share their important documents among each other. Below, you can find some tools within the LedgerDocs application that helps to promote collaboration, while emphasising the management and sharing of those important documents.

Invite Members to Your Company:

As a LedgerDocs user, you may have a number of companies within the application (Each company relates to a client or assignment). You are able to invite members to an individual company, meaning that the member will only have access to the given company. The ability to give members access to your companies is a great feature, as it enables collaboration, and gives power to your clients and work colleagues. This is beneficial because it allows for them to upload documents into the application, manage files, and search for documents as needed.  It is important to note that the member is only able to view the specific company that they were invited to, and the original user is able to revoke member access at any time.

Add Notes:

The ability to add notes to a document is a necessary component for collaboration, as it gives a document context for all members involved. Notes can be added at any time during the uploading, management, and sharing process, and offer users the ability to share where the document came from, what it is, and what needs to be completed.

Users are also able to add notes to the company as a whole, which is a great tool that allows for members to see upcoming events, due dates, latest news, and other important information. Company notes can be added from any point within the company, on the right hand side of the application.

Add Tags:

The ability to tag documents not only improves the search functionality of LedgerDocs, but also provides users with a great tool to increase collaboration among documents. This feature is fully customizable by users, and provides endless possibilities for uses. Tags can be added and deleted by company members, giving users the ability to use tags as a status update for documents. For example, when a document is first uploaded into the application, the member may add a “needs attention” tag to the document. This allows for documents that need attention to be easily found via the search function. Once the document has had the necessary work performed on it, the tag can then be deleted.

Share Links, Not Documents:

You are able to quickly share links to documents within the LedgerDocs application using the sharing feature, located in the “Document Viewer” section of the application. This feature offers a simple and secure way to share documents with clients and work colleagues from around the world, and gives two options to share; users are able to send an email directly from the application, which will bring the recipient to a secure LedgerDocs viewing page. Alternatively, users are able to receive a secure link to the document, which they can send in any method they like. It is important to note that the link provided gives the recipient viewing privileges to only the document you wish to share, regardless of whether or not they are a LedgerDocs account holder.

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