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Accounting Integration: LedgerDocs + Dropbox = Easier Bookkeeping (Part 2)

Accounting Integration LedgerDocs Dropbox Easier Bookkeeping Part 2

Dropbox is one of today’s most well-known document storage solutions, and with our latest LedgerDocs integration (Beta), you are able to extend your Dropbox experience by syncing your account with a dedicated document management application for accountants.

In our last blog post (LedgerDocs + Dropbox = Easier Bookkeeping), we spoke about the basics of getting started, how it works, and why this integration is changing the way the accounting industry manages their documents.

Today, we want to give users a step-by-step guide on how to create shared folders within Dropbox to help the process of uploading and collaborating on documents even easier. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to use this function. One of the most popular instances is as follows: The owner of the LedgerDocs account syncs the application with their Dropbox account. From there, they are able to share specific folders with individuals who require access. It is important to note that only one Dropbox account can be synced to each LedgerDocs company.
With that said, find the three step process listed below:

  1. Log in to LedgerDocs to sync the application with your Dropbox account. Simply log in, click “extras” – “integrations” – “Connect to Dropbox”. You will be provided a unique number in which you can enter into the required field.
  2. Once synced, you can now log in to Dropbox and view the various folders which are identical to your LedgerDocs account. For example, if one of your Companies within LedgerDocs is “ABC Company”, you will now see a copied folder of “ABC Company (Inbox)” in Dropbox.
  3. This is where things get interesting! Now, within Dropbox, you are able to share your folder “ABC Company (Inbox)” with colleagues and associates. Simply highlight the folder you would like to share and click “Invite to folder”. A screen will pop up that allows you to enter an email address of an individuals who you would like to share access with.

Now that you have a shared Dropbox folder associated with your LedgerDocs account, it is time to start uploading. Anyone who has access to the shared folder is now able to upload documents directly into the LedgerDocs inbox. Once the account owner logs in, they can quickly find the documents in the company inbox and begin performing the necessary bookkeeping and accounting functions.

Want to learn more? Sign up for a free 15 minute demo from one of our friendly support team members today! We would love to show you around.

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