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Acquire Documents from your Clients Faster with LedgerDocs

Acquire Documents from your Clients Faster with LedgerDocs

One of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks for many bookkeepers and accountants is chasing clients in order to acquire documents to complete their work on a monthly basis.

On the other hand, it can also be difficult for businesses to find time to courier or drop off their documents to their financial representatives, especially when business is busy.

As you probably know by now, LedgerDocs is a great way to store, manage, and collaborate on accounting documents, but LedgerDocs is also a great tool for acquiring such documents for streamlining the bookkeeping and accounting process. It is a tool that makes it easy to capture and upload business receipts and invoices at any time, anywhere. It makes the process of acquiring and filing documents more efficient, which ultimately saves time and money. The LedgerDocs application allows for three simple ways to upload and collaborate on these documents quickly and effectively:

1. Scan and Upload to LedgerDocs:

This is a standard way of getting documents into the LedgerDocs application. Here, businesses can simply scan their invoices and receipts directly to their computer with any type of scanner, although a high speed scanner works best. They are then able to upload as many as 20 documents at one time, which loads in the background while they can carry on with other work. From this point, they can store, manage, and collaborate on this important information with their bookkeeper or accountant.

2. Use Your Smartphone:

With the LedgerDocs Free iPhone application, businesses can quickly snap a photo of their receipt or invoice and upload it directly into their LedgerDocs account in seconds without having to login. The app also allows for them to add notes, which gives uploaded receipts the proper context that their bookkeeper requires. By using the iPhone app, they can send their information as soon as it is received.

Similarly, they can take a photo of an invoice or receipt with any smartphone, and email it to their unique LedgerDocs email address. The document will be instantly uploaded into their LedgerDocs account. They can also add notes to the document for their bookkeeper or accountant by writing a message in the body of the email.

3. Send an Email:

As previously mentioned, each LedgerDocs project (This is a client for bookkeepers or accountants) within an account has the option to create a unique email address which allows for users to send their documents via email. Businesses can simply attach their documents, write a message in the body of the email about the context of the document, and press send. The document will quickly show up in the LedgerDocs account with the notes attached.

As you can see, LedgerDocs is more than a document management system. It is a way to streamline your bookkeeping and accounting process, save time, and ultimately make everything more efficient among bookkeepers, accountants, and their clients. For more information regarding the LedgerDocs process of acquiring, filing, and searching for documents, take a look at our “3 Steps to Improving your Bookkeeping Process” blog post.

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