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Attaching Documents to QuickBooks Desktop


Link Your Documents to QuickBooks Desktop for Accounts Payable Reporting. 

We’ve seen the abundance of apps that integrate with online accounting software such as QuickBooks Online. However, if you’re also a QuickBooks desktop user, you’re probably thinking, what about me? We’re here to tell you and if you use QuickBooks desktop for customers, you can still get the benefits of using cloud document management software.

For example, if you’re a QuickBooks Desktop user and running Accounts Payable reporting for your clients is one of your more frequent tasks, we’ve put together the following guide on how LedgerDocs can save you time on completing your reports. This will not only save you time but also make it easier for your clients to view documents so they can find out which cheques need printing.

Step 1:

Your first step is to choose your specific bill in QuickBooks Desktop. Every document that you upload into the LedgerDocs application has a unique URL attached to it. You should copy this URL and paste it into the memo section of the relevant bill in QuickBooks Desktop.

.Attaching Documents to QuickBooks Desktop


Attaching Documents to QuickBooks Desktop

Step 2:

Having pasted your URL in, your next step is to run your Accounts Payable report in QuickBooks for your client. At this point you should include ‘Memo’ as a field in your report. This ensures that the pasted link will be displayed in your client’s report.

How to:

• File Menu > Reports > Accounts Payable Report

o Ensure that the Memo column is included

o Choose ‘Excel’ as your report’s output option. Opening the newly created excel sheet, you’ll be able to see links to each of the relevant documents in LedgerDocs for every Accounts Payable.

Attaching Documents to QuickBooks Desktop

 Example of an AP report in Excel from QuickBooks desktop with links to source documents in Ledgerdocs

 Step 4:

Finally, when sending the report to your client you should advise them that clicking on each corresponding link will direct them to the document in LedgerDocs. They will be able to view it without needing to login. See example below of a pre-written email template you can use.


Template of email you can send with your report:

From: Susan Shaw



Subject: AP report as of Oct 31 2016


Please see attached AP list in Excel as of today. (See the links in memo section for easy reference).
Let me know if you have any feedback or anything needs to be changed.


Susan Shaw

The steps outlined above should be able to save you time versus creating PDFs of each document relating to your client’s APs and attaching them to emails. With this approach you can easily direct your client to the correct documents stored in LedgerDocs and save them from managing multiple PDFs when handling their payees.

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