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Setting Up Bank Fetching for TD Bank Accounts


Getting Started with Bank Fetching in LedgerDocs

Editor’s Note: Bank fetching is currently an invite-only feature available for users connecting to Canadian banks. 

If you or your clients wish to fetch banks and credit card statements please contact us to request an individual invitation code form our Support team.

Every Trial Account has 1 free fetch that can be used for the test purposes. 

US bank fetching will be available later this year.

Setting Up Bank Fetching for TD Bank Accounts

Once the invitation code has been submitted and validated you or your client should see the screen below which will allow choosing the banks that need to be fetched.

Setting Up Bank Fetching for TD Bank Accounts

After completing the bank account authentication you can go ahead and pull the first statement (if it is available) and set the date for the monthly automated fetch.

Setting Up Bank Fetching for TD Bank Accounts

It’s important to mention that with LedgerDocs Bank Fetching feature you are able to fetch selectively only those accounts which you really need.

Setting Up Bank Fetching for TD Bank Accounts

Also, you have the option ‘’Fetch Now’’ which is an on-demand fetch option that allows you to fetch a statement at any given time, (if the statement is available).

Setting Up Bank Fetching for TD Bank Accounts

If your client is using a bank account that has 2- steps authentication requirement (TD Bank for instance), than in order to fetch the account and gain access to the On Demand fetch please ask your client to add your cell phone number to his TD text messages settings by going in to: Profile & Setting > Security Settings > Security Phone Numbers > Edit > Add Another Number, as shown below:

Setting Up Bank Fetching for TD Bank Accounts


Setting Up Bank Fetching for TD Bank Accounts

Migrating to LedgerDocs Is as Simple as 1 Download & Upload

Are you looking to migrate your bank fetching from another provider to LedgerDocs?

We all know that in the world of tech things are changing quickly. Different software providers have similar solutions, and some may work better for you than others depending on the situation and the client pain pint you are trying to solve.

If you’re looking to have a simple solution that you can get your clients on-boarded with quickly, give LedgerDocs a try. We’ve designed it in conjunction with a team of bookkeepers dna accounts so everything we do is to make that process easier and simpler than ever. 

An Easy Way to Embrace a New Method

Here at LedgerDocs, we totally understand that pain for bookkeepers because we live it too. That’s why we have now made the migrating/transition process to LedgerDocs as simple as possible. In fact, it’s as simple to do as two clicks of your mouse.


  • Step 1: Download all your client files from your current Document Management solution into a ZIP file format.
  • Step 2: Upload the ZIP file to your client’s inbox in LedgerDocs.

And that’s it. You’re done. That’s the entire migrating process. 

What’s next?

We want to reduce your bookkeeping workload even more.

Once your ZIP file has been uploaded to LedgerDocs the platform will automatically unzip the master file, and then extract and replicate the exact same folder structure you had on the previous platform. Once your folder is all set up, you can go in and rearrange the folders and files in any way that works best for you.

We’ve even made it simple to get the job started: just upload the Zip file using the Drag & Drop feature in LedgerDocs. Or, if you use Dropbox, integrate your LedgerDocs plan with Dropbox and we’ll do the rest.

Happy Fetching 🙂

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