Automatic Bank Statement Fetching with LedgerDocs

LedgerDocs is crafted by bookkeepers to optimize the bookkeeping workflow. Bank Statement Fetching saves you and your clients the time spent manually collecting bank and credit card statements. See how automatic bank statement fetching can help you save precious time and avoid tedious tasks every month.
Bank Fetching

Seamless and Secure Bank Feeds

Securely Access clients’ bank transactions without ever asking them to share their banking credentials with you. Simply by having your clients connect their bank accounts in LedgerDocs, you can watch the statements roll in every month without prompting.

The Process of Downloading Bank Statements

Clients connect their bank accounts

Link bank accounts directly in LedgerDocs without the need to disclose sensitive information with you or us.

Fetch statements and transactions

LedgerDocs automatically retrieves monthly bank statements and transactions, no need for manual collection!

Connect to over 10,000 US and Canadian Banks

National Bank of Canada
Meridian Credit Union
ATB Financial

Your Bank Wasn’t Listed? Contact Us to Inquire If Your Institution is Compatible

You’ll be happy to note that LedgerDocs works with a wide range of major banks and financial institutions. To verify support of a specific financial institution, feel free to start a live chat, submit a message, or reach out to us at 855-317-0505.

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Export Transactions or Fetch Historical Statements and Transactions

Export transactions in various formats like QBO and CSV for seamless integration with your accounting software. If you’re missing a statement, generate custom PDFs from existing bank transactions or let LedgerDocs automate the process.

Speed up catch-up bookkeeping by fetching up to 24 months of historical transactions and PDF statements for connected and supported bank accounts.

Give LedgerDocs a try and see how Bank Fetching can save you hours today!

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