Fetch Bank Statements

With LedgerDocs’ Bank Fetching feature, users can save time on manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors. ensuring that their financial records are up-to-date and accurate. See how it can help you simplify and improve your accounting processes.

Bank Fetching

Put Your Banking On Autopilot: Fetch Your Bank Statements Automatically

One of the key features of LedgerDocs’ accounting software is its ability to automatically fetch bank statements, enabling bookkeepers to keep their clients’ financial records up-to-date with ease. By allowing clients to connect their bank account directly to LedgerDocs, there is no need for them to share bank credentials, making the process safer and easier for both parties. Once connected, the system will automatically fetch future statements and provide access to the latest or past statements at any time. 

The Process – Auto Fetch Bank Statements

Send the link with the two-step bank fetching instructions to your clients. With this your client should be able to safely connect their bank account to LedgerDocs.  

Let your clients know a mobile number on which you can receive one-time security codes for the Two Step Authentication when fetching statements. Have your client add this mobile number as a trusted device on their online banking website. 

Fetch bank statements and latest bank transactions in LedgerDocs whenever you need them 

Financial Institutions We Work With

With LedgerDocs, fetching bank data is a seamless and efficient procedure that saves time and ensures that financial records are always precise and current.

You’ll be happy to note that LedgerDocs works with a wide range of major banks and financial institutions. Give us a call at 855-998-3041 to confirm that your financial institution is compatible with our system!!

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