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Best Financial Online Document Storage & Sharing

Sure, there are several online document storage and sharing apps out there. Google Drive, DropBox, Apple’s iCloud, and more have been getting the hype for being popular and easy to use… and they are. Their storage and sharing capabilities are outstanding. The most significant difference between LedgerDocs and the others is that it is specifically designed for accountants, bookkeepers, and other financial professionals.

Sensitive financial information requires special care, particularly when sharing files. Businesses are not likely to place all of their financial documents in one place without having the confidence that they are extremely secure. LedgerDocs takes the worry out of online document storage and sharing by providing high-security standards, daily backups, and easy to assign (or remove) access sharing.

Here are just a few of LedgerDoc’s unique features that accountants and bookkeepers appreciate:

  1. Access your clients’ documents via the search and advanced search options. A quick and easy way to stay up-to-date with your clients’ businesses. Plus, both clients and financial professionals can add additional notes without ever having to open the documents.
  2. Clients can upload photos of their receipts directly from their smartphones into a private company folder on the spot! Clients will love this feature, and financial professionals will no longer have to dig through envelopes or folders of receipts. This function saves a great deal of time and time is money, right?
  3. Finally, you can stop trying to categorize your clients’ information into standard file management applications. Not all clients are alike! Customize folders and subfolders to your specifications.
  4. LedgerDocs provides seamless integration with clients’ in-house financial software systems, such as QuickBooks Online and FreshBooks. The data from those systems can be easily synced with the LedgerDocs system, so the shared information is the most current.  You will never have to worry about finding the latest versions of clients’ financial data.
  5. The software is easy to navigate for you and your clients, which helps expedite activities securely and safely. You can save even more time by zooming in and out of documents to view details, such as inventory purchases, invoices, payroll, and more.
  6. Our webinars will keep financial professionals on the leading edge and provide step-by-step actions to maintain a healthy, growing business. For example, learn how Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Thumbnail View document, and Customized Preferences Default Settings will help eliminate redundant tasks.
  7. Our latest tool – TaxDocs! Tax season is one of the most profitable periods of the year, so accountants and bookkeepers can take advantage by using TaxDocs – the fastest way to collect clients’ tax documents! Reduce the workload and utilize the extra time to add more clients! Automating recurring tasks will help not only your business but also your client companies.


Register for a 14-day free trial today! We are constantly adding new features and updates to continue to support and help grow your business. LedgerDocs is a revolutionary online tool that acts as a virtual assistant for bookkeepers, accountants, and financial service leaders. It helps automate redundant tasks, giving you back time that you thought was lost forever. 

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