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The LedgerDocs team has been hard at work to implement a data extraction feature (a.k.a. OCR or Optical Character recognition) to add to our platform in order to simplify and cut off on the time needed for processing and posting of your receipts and invoices. 

We're excited to announce a preview of updates that will be rolled out soon for LedgerDocs. Our team is working hard to continuously improve and innovate by adding features that would add value for our customers made up of bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners.

We've just added location support to our QuickBooks Online integration! This was a popular request amongst our users so we're excited to finally bring it to you.

The location field will appear when you attempt to post a Bill, Invoice, Expense, or Credit Memo from LedgerDocs – providing you have track locations turned on in QuickBooks Online. Note: This feature is only available in the Plus version of QuickBooks Online.

Are you curious as to what users will see when you invite them to your LedgerDocs Company? The following shows the process of an invitee, for example a client, accepting an invite to the company you have created in LedgerDocs. Instead of having to go through the entire process yourself and get familiarized, follow along the screens below.

Continual work is always happening with LedgerDocs. Our development team continues to get feedback from our user base, and in turn, we include the biggest requests for new features, functionality and improvements to LedgerDocs’ workflow. That said, we have compiled the latest round of feature improvements to LedgerDocs. For previous updates, here.

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