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With the advent of cloud accounting and a growing app ecosystem, working remotely is now a feasible option for many of North America's bookkeepers. One of the greatest challenges faced by remote workers is how to retain productivity levels when working from home. With this in mind we asked our remote bookkeepers at LedgersOnline for 4 tips on how to remain productive and motivated when working remotely.

Here at LedgerDocs HQ, excitement is building ahead of this year’s IPBC Ignite Conference next week. With over 40 speaking events to attend and the opportunity to chat with representatives from the industry (including LedgerDocs!), this conference is a great way for bookkeepers and accountants to network and get up to date on the industry’s latest trends.

We love to get product feedback from our clients because it allows us to make improvements to the LedgerDocs app that are tailored to our user’s needs. With this feedback in mind, we recently went to work on rolling out several improvements to our QuickBooks Online integration.

LedgerDocs recently held a live webinar on the topic “How to Become a Virtual Bookkeeper” which was hosted by Dene Paquin, seasoned webinar host and senior business developer. He spoke to an audience of bookkeepers from the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) who had logged in to learn more about how they could better manage and store their important financial documents using the LedgerDocs application.

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