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Canon Scanner Integration

LedgerDocs has partnered with Canon to deliver a seamless integration between our document management software and Canon’s cutting-edge line of document scanners. The integration allows for direct document uploading from your Canon scanner into LedgerDocs, making digitizing all your documents a breeze. Whether you have a large backlog of documents to scan or only a handful a month, you’re no doubt going to love the time savings this integration will bring. 

Ledgerdocs and Canon

Scanning Made Easy

Our mission at LedgerDocs is to make it easy for businesses to collaborate on important financial documents with their accountant and bookkeeper. The Canon Scanner integration makes it easier to digitize all your financial documents, such as receipts, invoices, and bank statements, and send them directly to LedgerDocs in one step. 

How The Canon Scanner Integration Works 

Canon Set Up

Connect your scanner with LedgerDocs
Start by downloading and installing the scanning software on your computer. Choose the Canon Scanner as a destination when uploading documents in LedgerDocs. 


Scan your documents
Scan receipts, invoices, and bank statements to your LedgerDocs Inbox and create folders as needed. Use our OCR and machine-learning workflow tools including integrations with QuickBooks and Xero for seamless processing and organizing.

If you should run into a snag, contact us and one of our expert support staff will be happy to help!  

*The following Canon High-Quality Imaging models are compatible:
P-208II, P-215II, DR-C225, DR-C225W, DR-C225II, DR-C225W II, DR-C230, DR-C240, DR-M140, DR-M160, DR-M160II, DR-M260(for Windows)
P-215II, DR-C225, DR-C225W, DR-C225 II, DR-C225W II, DR-C230, DR-C240, DR-M140, DR-M160, DR-M160 II(for Mac) 

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