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Did you know? Our top 5 hidden features

Hidden Feature

A couple of weeks ago, we published a Frequently Asked Questions post which ended up being a really popular post — we got tons of feedback, but even more questions like, “well that’s great, but what about ________ {insert follow up question here}.

We realized that while we have a really useful product that we’ve been proudly building over the years, there’s still more to do to get the word out so bookkeepers and accountants know what we can do to help them manage all their client documents.

So in the same vein of our FAQ’s, here’s a list we are calling:

DID YOU KNOW? Some of our top hidden features you may not know about.

By now, if you’re at all familiar with LedgerDocs, you know that we integrate with QuickBooks Online + Dropbox, have a mobile app to accept receipts, do OCR, and fetch Canadian bank statements (US coming soon). But those are really table stakes.

What you may not know is there are a few hidden gems….here are some of them:

  1. LedgerDocs can fetch TD Bank statements for our Canadian customers
  2. Our QuickBooks Online integration gives you the option to post documents on both sides of the ledger…ie AP Bills, Expenses, Sales Invoices, and yes, Credit Memos too
  3. We give you the best of both worlds when handling PDF documents. Client uploaded a PDF document containing all sorts of documents? No problem, let LedgerDocs split it apart for you. Want to keep each PDF separate? We can handle that too. Oh, and you can even make PDF’s without ever leaving your Inbox.
  4. Advanced Search is an underutilized feature!
  5. Clients not sending you the info you need? Use the request document feature to automatically send reminders, and schedule them in advance.

Ok, I know the subject line said Top 5, but we couldn’t resist adding a few more.

  • Clients notoriously sending the same document multiple times? LedgerDocs identifies duplicate documents.
  • The view of your document Inbox is customizable. Either use the thumbnail view as part of a quick visual search or switch over to list view and sort or filter as you wish.
  • Every feature we release is vetted by a team of bookkeepers. Our entire design philosophy is centred around how bookkeepers think and work.

Want to know more or see these in action? Give us a trial (you have 14 days to use the full product for free and no credit card is required for signup).

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