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New Feature – Document notes and notifications



Are you struggling with getting information from clients? And when you do finally get that piece of documentation or receipt that you’ve long been waiting for, it’s incomplete or doesn’t give you the answer you were looking for?

We’ve all been there. You’ve blocked aside time in your day to work on your client’s books, only to be stalled.

Nothing stops a bookkeeper or accountant faster in their tracks than having a key piece of information missing. Perhaps you’re looking for that missing bank statement or invoice. Or details on how that expense was paid or what project to assign that large accounts payable invoice to.

In these types of situations, you’re forced to:

  1. Take a guess on how to record the transaction. Usually means some adjustment down the road or having the transaction posted to suspense.
  2. Stop and follow up with the client. The follow up usually involves a painful workflow. Maybe you have a document and you need clarification on something, so you either take a screenshot of it, or try to attach it to an email. While that may work, what you’re really doing is creating more work for yourself by delaying.

We’ve long heard this pain and have been trying to come up with a better way.


Enter note flagging + notifications.

LedgerDocs comes with the ability to have a conversation with your client at the document level so you can resolve this kind of challenge with ease. Adding a note to a document, paired with tagging the intended recipient for that note creates a powerful collaboration workflow that saves everyone time and effort. The best part? No switching apps or even leaving your screen. It’s all done right within your document viewer.


How does it work?

  1. Open up the document in the LedgerDocs document viewer
  2. On the right side, under the Notes section, add any text you wish
  3. Pin the person you wish to alert with your comment, or any email address
  4. Add the note

Once you’re done, a notification will be triggered and your client can reply quickly. All they need to do is reply to that email and the text they replied with will automatically be added to the document, and you’ll get notified as well.

Conveniently get an answer from your client, colleague or anyone else who doesn’t even have a LedgerDocs account. Simply pin their email address and they will receive an email with a secure link to the document which they can view without having a LedgerDocs account. Their reply will be captured as a new document note.


Not familiar with LedgerDocs but curious to see how it may help your workflow?

3 ways to get started:

Perfect for you ambitious folks who like to play around and tinker on your own time

  • Option 2: Get in touch with our support for a personalized walk through

If you have specific questions and want to speak to a live member of our team, this option is for you.Our team will get in touch to book a time dedicated just for you.

Great if you want a structured walk through of all the key benefits and features of LedgerDocs in a tidy 20 minute presentation.


For more information on how to use document notes, check out our support article here.

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