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Our team loves hearing from bookkeepers and accountants – in fact, we speak with them on a daily basis, and they all have one thing in common: they are looking for a way to make their practice more efficient, while creating a value add for their clients by offering a personalized approach to bookkeeping and accounting.

It is clear that the industry is moving to the virtual space, and with so many online accounting applications available to bookkeepers and accountants, it is important to ensure that the application they choose is the right fit for their firm.

With the help of our support team, we have accumulated some of our most commonly asked questions asked by our users and decided to write a blog post to put your mind at ease. If you have any questions that are not listed below, feel free to get in touch with our awesome support team. Alternatively, our Bookkeepers & Accountants page has some great information that can give you a better idea of how LedgerDocs works.

Uploading Documents

What type of files can you upload?
LedgerDocs accepts a number of file types, including

  • Images (JPEG, PNG, TIFF)
  • Documents (PDF, Word)
  • Spreadsheets (Excel, CSV)
  • Accounting Data files (QuickBooks and Sage)

What software do clients need to scan their receipts? What about small-sized paper receipts?
There are multiple ways to upload documents into LedgerDocs, including scanning directly into the application, emailing files to a unique company email address, or taking a photo with your smartphone and sending either via email or through our free iPhone app.

In terms of scanners, our team recommends the Fujitsu ScanSnap series, as they are compact in size, high speed, and can scan directly to us. View the Fujitsu website for more information regarding pricing, or get in touch with our support team for more recommendations.

Is there a LedgerDocs company size limit, pertaining to the total number of files/documents within a company file?

Users have roughly 10GB of storage for each of their companies, for up to 10 companies. If your firm decides to surpass the Company10 plan, you will receive unlimited space.

With that said, feel free to get in touch with our support team if you are worried about storage limits and we will be happy to help. For more information on pricing plans and data restrictions, see our custom pricing plan page.

Managing Documents & Users

How do you download documents to a desktop?
There are two ways to download documents to your desktop:

  1. Users are able to save individual documents by opening them in the document viewer and clicking on the “print” emblem. In the next screen, you are able to save the document to your computer.
  2. Our Dropbox integration allows users to sync their accounts to easily transfer files back and forth. This is one of the most common ways to download bulk documents from LedgerDocs.

If a client scanned a few documents together, can I separate them for filing?

Each document that is uploaded into LedgerDocs is automatically broken into individual pages. For example, if a client uploads a 10 page PDF, you will receive 10 separate pages in your LedgerDocs inbox, which can be individually filed. If you ever want to see the complete PDF, simply right click on the document and click “Open Original PDF”.

Does LedgerDocs support multi-users working on the same company file?
Absolutely, each company has multi-user support that allows for multiple users to log in to access the same company’s documents.

What does it look like from the client’s perspective?
When a client is invited to a company, they will be prompted to create a free invitee account and will be gained access to the specific company that they were invited to.

e.g. Sandra’s Bookkeeping Service has 40 companies in their LedgerDocs account. If Sandra or her staff invite a client to only one of these companies, the client will login and see only the company that they were invited to. See our support centre or more information on inviting members into LedgerDocs.

QuickBooks Online Integration

What do I need to know before syncing LedgerDocs to my QuickBooks Online account?
LedgerDocs uses important information from your QuickBooks Online account such as Vendors, Customers, and Taxes to make the process of creating transactions as simple as possible. It is important that the information has already been created in your QuickBooks Online file before you begin syncing your accounts.

Does it work the same way with other accounting applications such as QuickBooks Desktop?
LedgerDocs is a cloud-based document management app and as such, only integrates with other online applications.

With that said, most of our users work with two screens; one with their LedgerDocs documents; the other with their chosen accounting application. This makes keypunching information as streamlines as possible and can be used with any accounting application including QuickBooks Desktop, Simply Accounting (Sage), Xero, Wave, Kashoo, and other applications.

As mentioned throughout the article, our support team is happy to help with any questions you may have, and commonly offer personal demos to walk you through the process of setting up your account. Feel free to get in touch with our team today!


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