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We’ve compiled a list of our top Frequently Asked Questions about LedgerDocs. Have a question that’s not on a list or need more info? Get in touch!

1. What’s the best way to upload documents?

We’ve designed LedgerDocs in a way that gives you multiple options for uploading documents. Documents can be PDF’s, Images, Word docs, and spreadsheets to name a few. 


There are 5 main ways to upload:


  1. Use a web browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari for best results). Select from your computer or Drag & Drop
  2. Email Upload – each LedgerDocs company allows you to set a unique email address. Any email you send to that address will upload its contents to your Inbox. The subject line and any notes you type will also be added and searchable
  3. Use a mobile app (you can find our free app on the iTunes or Google Play App Store)
  4. Use the Dropbox integration
  5. Use of of our scanner integrations

For more details and step by step instructions, visit our help article on Uploading Documents


2. How do I get my clients to be able to send me documents I need?

As a first step, you’ll probably have a conversation with them to let them know you’re going to be having all their documents stored virtually in the cloud and some of the benefits. Next, you’ll want to invite them to your company. Tell them to watch out for the invite in their email and check their Spam folder if they don’t see it.


You’ll also want to make sure they know the upload email address for their company, which will be something like This is our the most popular method that clients use to upload their documents. 

Check out our Request Document feature as well. It’s an automated way to remind your clients of what you need from them, and when. 


3. How can I transfer documents between folders?

Moving documents between folders can be done using either drag and drop in the browser, or by using the select tool and right-clicking to bring up the menu. From there, choose where to move your selected documents.

Step by instructions are at our help desk. 


4. How do I add a user to our account? For example, I have a staff member who I’d like to access – can she have her own login?


Yes! Simply go to the Members tab in your company and send out invitations to anyone whom you would like to have access to your account. Note: You must be the Admin of the Company in order to invite others. 

All invited users have access to all the files in your account, so you’ll need to keep this in mind as you decide who to invite. If you want to have certain files hidden, check out our Private Folders feature. 


5. Why do documents get duplicated in the Inbox and PDF folder?

By default, LedgerDocs extracts each page of an uploaded PDF into the Inbox of the company to be worked on individually. This means each page can have separate notes, tags, and file locations based on the contents of the document. The original PDF which was uploaded is archived automatically in the PDF’s folder.

We designed this to allow for users to either scan documents in batch without separating what they were. For example, you could scan bank statements, receipts, cheque stubs, and a mixture of other documents and sizes and not have to worry about having different file names for each. 


Users have the option of not having the PDF automatically extract and instead get uploaded directly to the Inbox. To customize this setting, select the Company or Companies from your User Settings which you would like this setting to apply to and click Save.


6. How can I connect my scanner?

We support the 2 lines of Canon Scanners as well as the Fujitsu ScanSnap series with native integrations. Documents can be scanned, digitized, and uploaded all in one easy step. 

If you’re using a scanner that doesn’t have a native integration with us, not to worry. We can still receive documents from scanners if they have an email function built in, which many do. You can set the output on the scanner to email to your email address and then check your Inbox to confirm it was received. 


7. Will my clients have to pay for their account? or Do my clients have to pay anything?

By default, LedgerDocs is meant to assign and provide all your members that might need to have access to  the project with individual unique Free Invitee accounts, and there are no additional costs involved, however you can choose to assign the cost of the project to the client if you or your client may wish too.

Currently, our mobile app is meant as a tool to upload photos of receipts quickly and tag them for your accountant or bookkeeper. While we may add additional functionality to view previously uploaded documents in the future, we currently recommend you login to your account using a browser should you wish to view your entire document collection. 


8. Do you have OCR?


We do and it’s one of our most recent additions. Our OCR works by combining our receipt extraction feature with machine learning to be able to enter documents from LedgerDocs to QuickBooks Online easily and swiftly. 


Watch a short video demo. 


9. How to select multiple files at once?


If you need to select multiple files that are next to each other, start with checking the box under the first file, then press and hold the Shift key and check the box under the last file. By doing this all the files in between will be selected. 

Similarly, you can exclude a few neighbouring files from a current selection. To do this, uncheck the box below the first one, then press and hold the Shift key and uncheck the box under the last file.


10. Can I change my account’s email address?


You can change your accounts’ email address used to receive user notifications but this will not change your username. If you need to change your username, send us a message. 


To change your notifications email address, first make sure you’re on the Main Dashboard page. To do this you can simply refresh your page. Now you’ll be able to see your current email address on the far right side. Click on your email address and it will become editable. Once you type in the new email address, click on the Save button below. 


11. How will I know if files have been uploaded to LedgerDocs, or if there was other user activity?


Every morning when there was any upload activity in the past 24 hours, LedgerDocs sends out a Dally Notifications email with the breakdown of user activity per company, if you don’t want to receive these emails, you can update your Preferences from the dropdown User menu. 



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