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Customizing Your LedgerDocs Account Settings and Preferences

This article will guide you through the process of tailoring your account settings and preferences in LedgerDocs to your unique needs.

PDF Extract On or Off

By default, PDF’s are uploaded to LedgerDocs and each page is extracted individually and placed in your Inbox, with the original PDF placed in an archive folder. However, you can choose to keep the PDF as is and placed inside of your Inbox.

LedgerDocs also gives you the ability to merge multiple PDF documents into a single PDF document, or split your multi page PDF documents into separate PDF documents.

Daily Notifications

Daily email notifications are only triggered when there is activity with a company in LedgerDocs. This email provides an overview of activities such as file uploads to notes created for a 24-hour period. It helps bookkeepers and accountants schedule their day as they may have many clients, while your clients themselves may want a confirmation on upload activity from other members of their LedgerDocs company. Users can individually choose to turn this on or off.

Turn On Full Screen Document Mode

By default, LedgerDocs opens documents in full screen mode so you can view your documents as large as possible. However, if you have a smaller monitor or using a laptop with a small screen, you may wish to turn this setting off.

Enable Emails for Note Mentions

LedgerDocs comes with the ability to notify users whenever you add a note to a document so your members can collaborate efficiently and save time. We encourage keeping this setting on, although you do have the option to disable it.

Enable Sound Notifications

Our live dashboard notifies you by sound as new documents are uploaded. This is great if you’re sitting by your computer waiting for that long-awaited document to come in, but not so great if you’re being pinged constantly during a deep work session because someone is serial uploading files. Just turn the setting on or off to your liking.

Default Folder View

Your LedgerDocs inbox defaults to a thumbnail view of all documents, giving you a quick glimpse into their contents. You can switch between thumbnail view and list view, which provides additional information like date uploaded and any notes added to the document.

Default Folder Sort

You can also control the default of how documents are sorted inside of your Inbox. Most users prefer to have oldest documents listed first, and more recent documents listed at the end to view documents in the older in which they were uploaded. However, you can easily change this setting either in your Company Inbox, or in the settings page to apply it across your entire account.

Manage Favorites

You can set companies you work with regularly as favorites, so they appear on the top of your folder tree for easy access. This is highly recommended if you have a large number of companies in your account, yet have a select few that you work with more often.

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