Dropbox Integration FAQ

Which folders get synced between Dropbox and LedgerDocs?

Once you connect the 2 apps, a folder will be created under your Dropbox as follows:

Dropbox > apps > LedgerDocs > CompanyABC

There will be a CompanyABC for each of your company projects, should you have more than one. This folder maps to the Inbox of the corresponding company project in LedgerDocs.

Do sub-folders in LedgerDocs get synced too?

No. Sub-folders in LedgerDocs do not get synced in Dropbox. Only the LedgerDocs Inbox gets synced with the files you copy into your Dropbox LedgerDocs folder.

What happens if I delete or move a file?

If you delete or move files from either end, these will be synced in both LedgerDocs and Dropbox.

Should I still keep a copy of files inside of another Dropbox folder?

This is up to you! All files that you upload via Dropbox will be in LedgerDocs and can be organized, filed, tagged, and searchable. If you would like to retain a copy for your own records in Dropbox, feel free to keep them in separate folder.

I copied files inside my Dropbox LedgerDocs folder, but they are not there anymore. What happened?

If you have invited your bookkeeper or accountant to your LedgerDocs account, chances are he or she has been busy processing the files in your LedgerDocs Inbox and filing them accordingly into sub-folders. Once files are moved from the Inbox in LedgerDocs, they will no longer be in Dropbox.

Can I invite my client to upload their files via Dropbox?

Yes! However, it is important to note that only one Dropbox account can be synced to each LedgerDocs company. So the best way to collaborate with LedgerDocs and Dropbox is as follows.

    1. Log in to LedgerDocs to sync the application with your Dropbox account. Simply log in, click “extras” – “integrations” – “Connect to Dropbox”. You will be provided a unique number in which you can enter into the required field. 

    2. Once synced, you can now log in to Dropbox and view the various folders which are identical to your LedgerDocs account. For example, if one of your Companies within LedgerDocs is “ABC Company”, you will now see a copied folder of “ABC Company (Inbox)” in Dropbox. 

    3. This is where things get interesting! Now, within Dropbox, you are able to share your folder “ABC Company (Inbox)” with colleagues and associates. Simply highlight the folder you would like to share and click “Invite to folder”. A screen will pop up that allows you to enter an email address of an individuals who you would like to share access with.

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