Freshbooks Email Uploader

Our one-of-a-kind email uploader supports FreshBooks invoices so you can store, track, and share copies of FreshBooks invoices right within LedgerDocs.

There are 2 ways to use the LedgerDocs-FreshBooks Email Uploader:

Method #1

If you receive invoices from your suppliers via FreshBooks, simply forward a copy of the FreshBooks email to LedgerDocs and you’re all set. Simply forward the email to [your company]

A copy of your FreshBooks invoice now appears in LedgerDocs

This lets you easily store copies of FreshBooks invoices in LedgerDocs or push them to QuickBooks Online. See how using the LedgerDocs + QuickBooks Online integration

Method #2

If you use FreshBooks to send invoices out to your customers and want to store a copy, include your LedgerDocs email address as one of the recipients. A copy of the outgoing invoice will now appear in LedgerDocs, either to share with your bookkeeper or for future reference. You can also push the invoice to QuickBooks Online.

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