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Fullscreen Mode – Document Viewer Options

By default, LedgerDocs opens documents in full screen mode so you can view your documents as large as possible. However, if you have a smaller monitor or using a laptop with a small screen, you may wish to turn this setting off.  

To Enable/Disable

    • Click on your name in the top right corner

    • From the dropdown menu, select ‘Preferences’

    • Check or uncheck the option to ‘Turn On Fullscreen Document Mode’


How do I exit the fullscreen document view?

To exit the fullscreen mode, simply click the x in the top right corner or press the ESC button (only supported on some browsers).

I’m no longer in the fullscreen mode, but the document is oversized and I can’t find the x!

Hover your cursor over one of the document information headers and your cursor should change into a drag cursor with four outward arrows. Click, hold, and drag downwards to reveal the top of the document viewer. Press the x to exit the viewer. Watch the video below [starts at 0:15] for a demo.

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