How To Connect My Company To FreshBooks?

How It Works

The integration allows users to create FreshBooks entries directly from the LedgerDocs Document Viewer interface. You simply input the relevant information from your Bills, Invoices, and Expenses and submit those to FreshBooks from LedgerDocs. The entry will include a reference back to the original document which is a bonus for tracking and audit purposes.

Once the transaction has been submitted, the source document in LedgerDocs can be found as an attachment to the entry located in FreshBooks. This is especially helpful for tracking and audit purposes.

Setup FreshBooks File

LedgerDocs uses information already in your FreshBooks account such as Vendors, Clients, and Taxes to make the process of creating transactions as simple as possible. With that said, it is important that Taxes have already been set up in FreshBooks if needed.

Connect LedgerDocs and FreshBooks

  1. In LedgerDocs, choose the company that will connect to FreshBooks.
  2. Still in LedgerDocs, switch to the FreshBooks tab in your company, then click “Connect to FreshBooks”.
  3. Enter your credentials for FreshBooks and click “Log In”.
  4. Click “Allow” when FreshBooks asks for your permissions.

You are now connected to FreshBooks. Enjoy!

A Note On Multi-user

The connection from LedgerDocs to FreshBooks is multi-user enabled for all members of the company in LedgerDocs. Once the Company Admin authorizes the connection to FreshBooks, all other members of the company in LedgerDocs can also post transactions to FreshBooks.

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