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How To Connect My Company To QuickBooks Online?

We’ve teamed up with Intuit to offer an integration between LedgerDocs and the leading cloud accounting application, QuickBooks Online.

How it works

The integration allows users to create QuickBooks Online entries directly from the LedgerDocs Document Viewer interface. You simply input the relevant information from your Bills, Invoices, and Expenses and submit those to QuickBooks Online from LedgerDocs. The entry will include a reference back to the orignal document which is a bonus for tracking and audit purposes.

Once the transaction has been submitted, the source document in LedgerDocs can be found as an attachment to the entry located in QuickBooks Online. This is especially helpful for tracking and audit purposes.

How To Connect My Company To QuickBooks Online?

Step 1) Setup QuickBooks Online file

LedgerDocs uses information already in your QuickBooks Online account such as Vendors, Customers, and Taxes to make the process of creating transactions as simple as possible. With that said, it is important that the following information has already been created in your QuickBooks Online file before you begin the process:

  • Add all your Vendors in QuickBooks Online

  • Add all your Customers in QuickBooks Online

  • Set up Taxes in QuickBooks Online

Step 2) Connect LedgerDocs and QuickBooks Online

  1. Make sure the checklist from above is completed

  2. In LedgerDocs, click on company > go to QuickBooks Tab

  3. Click on “Connect to QuickBooks Online” button

  4. Sign into QuickBooks Online

  5. Choose company you wish to connect to and click continue and follow the prompts.

Step 3) Push documents from LedgerDocs to QuickBooks Online

  1. Click on a document in LedgerDocs

  2. Choose the type of document (Bill, Expense, Invoice) and enter information to create transaction in QuickBooks Online

  3. Go to QuickBooks Online & verify that the transactions are there. A link back to the original document will also be in QuickBooks Online.

  4. Get in touch with us if you have questions

  5. Leave us a review on the Intuit App Store here

How To Connect My Company To QuickBooks Online?

A note on multi-user

The connection from LedgerDocs to QuickBooks Online is multi-user enabled for all members of the company in LedgerDocs. Once the Company Admin authorizes the connection to QuickBooks Online, all other members of the company in LedgerDocs can also post transactions to QuickBooks Online.

Questions? We would love your feedback. If you are having trouble and need some help please contact our support team or schedule a personalized demo with us or attend one of our weekly webinars.

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