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Dropbox – How To Sync

Integrating LedgerDocs with your Dropbox account makes transferring files even easier! You can quickly sync your accounts by logging into LedgerDocs, and clicking on the “Extras” tab in the top right of the screen. Once you click on “Connect to Dropbox”, a new folder named LedgerDocs will be created within your Dropbox account, including sub-folders representing your LedgerDocs Company Inbox folders.

From here, simply follow the steps provided on the screen. Once you set your authorization code, you will begin to see the synchronization of your Dropbox and LedgerDocs accounts.

    1. Go to Allow Dropbox Integration page by clicking here.

    2. Click “Allow” (you might have to log in first).

    3.  Copy the authorization code in the box below and click on “Set Auth Code”.

Important – The synchronization between the two of these accounts in for the Inbox only. This means that if a file is moved from the LedgerDocs Inbox to a sub-folder, the file will subsequently disappear in Dropbox. Alternatively, if you move or delete a file in DropBox, the file in LedgerDocs will have been deleted. You can find moved deleted files in the Company’s sub-folders or recycling bin, respectively. You can also use the Search feature in LedgerDocs to locate any files.

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