How To Duplicate an Existing Company’s Folder Structure

If you want to use the same folder structure across multiple companies, LedgerDocs comes with the ability to duplicate your existing companies folder structure when you are creating a new company.


To duplicate your old folder structure:

  1. Click “Add Company” button, just like creating a normal company.
  2. Choose the company type you want to create during step 1.
  3. In Step 2, type the name of the company, then click “Advanced Options”
  4. Click on the dropdown that says “Choose a company to copy”, and select the company that you want to duplicate.
  5. Complete rest of the steps (We have skipped this part for the purposes of this guide, but you can check out the complete steps here)
  6. After you complete rest of the steps, you should now see the new company with the same folder structure as the company chosen earlier in your list.

How To Duplicate an Existing Company's Folder Structure


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