How To Invite Others To Collaborate?

LedgerDocs aims to ease the pain of document collection and organization. If you’re the owner of the business, you can invite your bookkeeper or accountant to share your files with them. Vice versa, as a bookkeeper or accountant, invite your clients to share documents with you.

To invite users to your company:

  1. Click on the Company on the left folder tree
  2. Click on the Members tab
  3. Enter in email address, first name and last name of the user you would like to add
  4. Click the Invite button
How To Invite Others To Collaborate?

Note: only the Company Owner can invite / remove members.

Keep in mind that this individual will only have access to the given company, while any other companies in your account will remain hidden. This allows for you to have multiple clients using LedgerDocs but only able to see the files pertaining to their account. You are also in control over who has access.

The new user will now receive an email with a confirmation email and a link to register.

The Company Owner can check to see outstanding invites at the bottom of the Dashboard screen.

When a user has been invited to a company, they will see any pending invitations in their LedgerDocs account if they click on Companies on the top left of the screen. The new user should click Accept Invitation on the right and will now be a member of that company.

How To Invite Others To Collaborate?
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