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How To Notify Other Members With Notes?

LedgerDocs comes with the ability to notify users whenever you add a note to a document so your members can collaborate efficiently and save time.

How To Send Note Mentions?

1.Navigate to the document that you want to notify your member about on your browser and click on it to open document viewer.

2.On the right side of the document viewer, you will see a section called “Notes”, which has a text field and a field to add pinned members under it. You can write your note in the blank field.

3.Click on the field that says “Select a member to pin” and you should see a drop down menu that consists of members in your company. You can either choose the members from here, or alternatively, you can type and press enter to add an email instead.

4. Once you click “Add Note”, selected members will be notified via email with the note and link to the document.

How To Reply To Note Mentions?

Once you are mentioned in a note, you will receive an email that will have the note and the link to the document the note is attached to. You can simply reply to this email, and your email will be added as a note to the document and the person that originally mentioned you will get an email notification.

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