How to Post Documents to FreshBooks?

Step 1) Connect Your LedgerDocs Company to FreshBooks

You can skip this step if your company is already connected. Otherwise, you can follow the instructions here to connect your LedgerDocs company to FreshBooks.

Step 2) Post Your Documents


  1. Open the document that you want to post to FreshBooks.
  2. In Document Viewer, select the correct document type.
  3. Fill in the necessary information for the document. (LedgerDocs fills in some of the information for you already, please make sure they are correct)
  4. LedgerDocs will let you know once your document is posted. You can click “View Posted Info” to double-check your posted information.In case you are posting a transaction for a new client or vendor, you can add a new client or vendor to FreshBooks directly from LedgerDocs.
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