How To Turn Daily Email Notifications On / Off

Daily email notifications are only triggered when there is activity with a company in LedgerDocs. This email provides an overview of activities such as file uploads to notes created for a 24 hour period. It can also help an accounting professional schedule their day as they may have many companies (clients) while the business user may want a confirmation on upload activity from employees for documents such as invoices.

By default this feature is turned on but you can stop receiving emails from the application by doing the following.

    1. Click on your name at the top right corner in LedgerDocs for the drop down menu as if you were to log out
    2. Find set notifications in this menu and click on it for accessing the related area
    3. From there click on the check box so it is blank to turn off this feature

If you would like to turn this feature back on you can do so by simply clicking on the check box again to activate it.


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