How To Upload Documents?

Getting your documents into LedgerDocs is simple. There are four options to choose from:

Upload via Web Browser (Drag & Drop)

    1. Login to LedgerDocs and go to the company folder you want to upload files to.
    2. Click on the green “Upload to Inbox” button and choose files from your computer that you want to upload. Note: you can select multiple files at once by using the mouse or by holding down the CTRL key.

Upload via Email

You can send documents by email to your Inbox on LedgerDocs in a few easy steps:

    1. Click on Company Name > Email Upload tab.
    2. Check if you see an email address assiged to your company. If you don’t see an email address, you need to ask your company owner to request an email address.
    3. Go to your email program and send a message with an attachment (PDF, JPEG, Word, Excel) with the email address you found in step 2 in the ‘To’ or ‘Cc’ field.
    4. The email’s subject line and any additional text in the body will be captured and stored as a note with the attached documents and will be searchable.
    5. The system will also send you an email confirmation once files are received by LedgerDocs.

Upload via iPhone App

You can take photos of your documents, such as receipts, invoices, bank statements and other important papers, and email them to the company’s LedgerDocs folder using that LedgerDocs email address (as mentioned above.)

Smartphone users can download the free LedgerDocs app from the iTunes Store. This app allows you to easily take a photo from your phone and upload it to the appropriate LedgerDocs company folder.

Upload via Scanner

You can automatically upload documents to LedgerDocs via your Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner or Canon scanner. More details can be found here.

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