Is My Data Secure?

LedgerDocs takes security seriously and utilizes all the tools available to ensure that your information remains safe. Some of the most important ones are listed below:

    • All of your data stored within LedgerDocs is encrypted using the AES-256-XTS algorithm.
    • All of your data is backed up daily to multiple locations, ensuring that there is no data loss in the event of a natural disaster.
    • LedgerDocs uses a 256-bit SSL encryption to protect any information that travels between your browser and LedgerDocs. This is the same encryption that banks use for online transactions.
    • Two-factor authentication is available to all accounts. 
    • Users are able to easily grant and revoke access privileges to folders and belonging files.

LedgerDocs’ priority is to ensure that your information remains safe. We have invested in innovative architectural engineering to provide maximum data durability and availability, while using cutting edge security features to take special care of your data.

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