Private Folders

Private folders allow the Company Admin to control who can see documents inside it. All your new company folders in LedgerDocs now include a Private Folder and a Fetched Statements folder.

Only members with permissions can access private folders. To give access to any member, right click on the folder to see the control menu and click “Permissions”. Check the checkbox next to the member that you want to give access to and click “Save”.

To upload your sensitive information, right click on the private folder to see the control menu, then click “Upload Files” to upload your files.

Private Folders

To get started, here are some ways to use this new feature.

  • Payroll Information (employee vacation, salary and bonuses)
  • Statements (bank and credit card)
  • Taxes (personal and corporate returns)
  • Reports (profitability and budgets)
  • Backups (accounting application)
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