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What are Supplier and Customer Rules?

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When reviewing documents from your clients, it is common to come across the same supplier or customer more than once. Instead of doing the same tasks over and over, like creating bills or expenses in QBO (QuickBooks Online) and matching them to the same categories, Supplier and Customer Rules can do it for you.  

For example, 

  • Every time you receive gas and electricity bills, a rule can automatically file them under utility costs based on the supplier. 
  • For receipts from Adobe or Google, you can create a rule to always classify them as expenses and categorize them as ‘IT costs’ or ‘Advertising’, whatever your preference. 
  • And when it comes to receipts from Uber, you can set a rule to always classify them as a travel expense.

Supplier and Customer Rules are a powerful feature designed to automate these repetitive data entry tasks while posting to QuickBooks Online, saving you time and effort. 

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