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How to Build a Paperless Bookkeeping Workflow System

How to Build a Paperless Bookkeeping Workflow System

Small businesses have become very familiar with in-house project management software. They are pretty simple apps that allow the work to continue without needing a manager to move participants to the next step. However, many small business owners are unfamiliar with bookkeeping workflow systems and would benefit significantly from using one. It’s simply a matter of how to get started.

4 Simple Steps

  1. Start by writing down your current procedures for activities like paying bills, recording sales, invoicing, reconciliations, payroll, and more. Talk with the employees handling each activity and learn how much time is used when performing these tasks. Once you have an accurate assessment of each process, you will see the opportunities for eliminating paper documents.
  2. Select your document management workflow software. A sound document management bookkeeping system will integrate some of your financial software, such as QuickBooks, have an easy-to-use dashboard, robust security, and a reliable backup system. The idea is to keep your financial records in one digital location and have the capability to retrieve any of them in seconds.
  3. If you don’t have a desktop scanner, you will want to get one. It may sound scary at first, but there will be little need to file each document once you start scanning. You can also snap receipts with your mobile phone. You will want to create folders within the software to subdivide the documents by category. Upload documents in bulk or as they happen.
  4. Lastly, develop the new paperless bookkeeping workflow system to ensure all responsible employees are prepped and ready. Once implemented, they will have more time to focus on other priorities.

14-Day Free Trial

We are pleased to offer small business owners and bookkeepers a free 14-day trial, to experience the efficiency of LedgerDocs document management software. Don’t worry! It won’t take much time! Plus, our specialists will get you started and be available should you need assistance.


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