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How to Train your Clients on Document Management


For bookkeepers who are keen to adopt a cloud based approach to document management, it can sometimes seem like the hardest part is convincing their clients that change is good. Moving to the cloud can be daunting for clients who are more familiar with a shoe-box style of document management, however the time-saving benefits both to bookkeepers and their clients, far outweigh the initial stress.

To aid you with your move to the cloud we’ve put together the below top tips on how to train your clients on document management.

Focus on the Benefits

You will probably notice some hesitation on the part of your clients to adapt their process but if you focus on how moving to the cloud can benefit them from the start, you will see their opinion change. We’ve already covered the benefits bookkeepers can get from moving to the cloud extensively in this blog. However, in order to convince your clients you should explain to them that instead of having to courier or hand deliver their important documents to you, by adopting this new approach they can take pictures of their receipts/invoices etc. as they receive them and upload them to the cloud in real-time. This will save them time and money but also ensures secure document storage. Our own LedgerDocs app provides users with the same security protocols used by online banking services.

Uploading Documents

The next step in your training plan should be focused on uploading files so that they can start the process of moving their documents to the cloud. By this stage you will have chosen a mobile app to suit your client’s needs, if you are using the LedgerDocs platform you could simply download our iPhone or Android application on your client’s cell phone and show them how easy it is to take a picture of a specific document and send it directly from the app to the designated folder within LedgerDocs. Alternatively, if your client has a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner they can scan their documents instantly into their company folder within LedgerDocs thanks to our latest integration. If they prefer to use email they can also send their document photos directly as attachments to their company folder in LedgerDocs using a unique company email address which can be easily created on the LedgerDocs dashboard. You should encourage them to upload documents as they receive them or schedule an hour or so of uploading each week to make sure their folder is up to date. Each client will have their own preference for uploading documents and there are a variety of apps available to suit everyone’s needs.

Requesting Documents

Our final tip will not only benefit your clients but also saves the bookkeeper time in the long run. If you find yourself constantly nagging clients for their documents or you tend to receive them late, you should begin using the “request a document” feature within the LedgerDocs app. This is a scheduled email sent from the LedgerDocs application reminding clients to uploading their documents before their due date. You should draw your client’s attention to this feature and make them aware that they can expect these reminders at a certain time each month and they should prioritize them. Using this feature with your clients should cut back on unnecessary follow ups and ultimately save you time.

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