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Inbox Zero: Receive Documents Quicker with LedgerDocs Email

Inbox Zero Receive Documents Quicker with LedgerDocs Email

Over and over again, we hear stories of bookkeepers who are overwhelmed with emails from clients.

One of our users recently mentioned that the main reason she was looking for a dedicated document management system was because emails from her clients were being so easily overlooked, and sometimes misfiled and deleted. LedgerDocs provides an organized platform that allows for clients to simply email documents directly into the application, which is then easily accessed by the bookkeeper in a separate and organized company file. This means no more misfiled emails, no more disorganized shoeboxes of receipts, and no more missing documents!

How it Works:

Inbox Zero is a term with a strong following. Online influencers such as Mashable have written a number of articles that give tips and advice to users who want to clean up their email accounts and achieve a more efficient and orderly workflow. At the end of the day, especially for bookkeepers, email is a great communication tool but lacks the key features needed to be able to reliably share important information on an ongoing basis. This is why LedgerDocs was initially created; to provide a platform that allows for bookkeepers to have all of their information in one easily accessible and organized location.

Whether it is a bank statement, invoice, receipt, or any other document, clients are able to email files directly into LedgerDocs using a unique LedgerDocs email address. You can also add notes in the subject line, as well as the body of the email, to write anything special about the document, or to give the file proper context for the bookkeeper. Once sent, the document will now show up in the LedgerDocs account, with attached notes.

It is important to note, you can set up a unique email address for each the companies you work with. For example, if you have two clients (ABC Company & XYZ Company) who use LedgerDocs, you are able to create two unique emails:

abc[@] & zxy[@]

 Setting Up Your Email Address

Setting up your unique LedgerDocs email address is simple. Log into your account and follow the following four steps:

  1. Click on Company Name > Email tab
  2. Request an email address that will be uniquely assigned to your company
  3. Once the system has accepted your request, go to your email and send a message with an attachment (PDF, JPEG, Word, Excel) with your chosen address in the ‘To’ or ‘Cc’ field.  The subject line and any additional text in the body of your email will be captured and stored as a note with the attached documents and will be searchable.
  4. The system will also send you an email confirmation once files are received by LedgerDocs.

Want to learn more about some of the features in LedgerDocs? Our friendly support team is always willing to help. Find our contact details through our Contact Us page, or schedule a Demo with one of our team members today!

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