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Introducing TaxDocs, Your BFF for Tax Season


Today we’re proud to unveil an exciting new component to the LedgerDocs family, one specially made to help you with tax preparation. It’s called TaxDocs.

Like LedgerDocs, TaxDocs is software-as-a-service (SaaS) that assists financial professionals like yourself to keep organized records for your clients. It speeds up your work process and automates several tasks, giving you back minutes that add up into hours of new time. How will you choose to use that extra free time? We’ll, that’s entirely up to you!

TaxDocs is specifically aimed at those preparing taxes this upcoming season. Want to do more tax filing this season and spend less timing doing it, all while making more money? TaxDocs will be your partner that makes it happen. Whether you are preparing 20 returns or 500, if you want to reduce some of the tedious repetition of tax prep work, TaxDocs offers you a robust and affordable solution.


Automated Tax Preparation Software for Your Business

Here’s how you would use TaxDocs in your tax preparation work for clients.

Say you’ve landed a new client or have existing clients whose taxes you will prepare. Right away, you can send them a link or email invite to their secure TaxDocs folder where they can immediately start uploading all their tax documentation while you do something else (like bring on another new tax client.)

Your client chooses whether they want to scan their tax docs at home or work and then upload them to their TaxDocs folder, or forward the electronic receipts to a handy TaxDocs email address that’s made just for them, or upload a photo taken by their phone.

Once your client’s tax files arrive in their unique TaxDocs folder, you’re notified via email. All client activity is displayed on the Dashboard when you log into your TaxDocs account.

You can also:

  • Set automated reminders to clients.
  • Create onboarding emails that go out the moment you add a new TaxDocs client to your roster.

You’re going to win back a lot of free time that you can decide how to use!


Automated Tax Preparation Software for Your Business

If you’re familiar with our original cloud receipt management LedgerDocs then the functionality of TaxDocs will be a snap. If you’re new to this, don’t sweat it: the whole process is easy to understand, and our support team is here to help you with one-on-one support, webinars and guides. Our software was designed by accountants and bookkeepers who needed a robust document management portal to use in their own practice.

Tax time is your busiest time of the year. We built TaxDocs so you have an out-of-the-box solution that you can get up and running in less than 15 minutes. It will make the challenge of tax season go smoother for you this year (and every year after this one too.)

All this for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

TaxDocs is priced to make it extremely affordable for any sized tax prep operation, and to scale it up if you want to onboard hundreds of tax clients in your 2018 season.


A Short List of TaxDocs Benefits

  • Bank-level encryption keeps your clients’ tax documents safe & secure
  • Customize your folders to suit your schedule & workflow
  • Know instantly when clients send you their documents
  • Give your clients the freedom to send you their tax slips during your off-hours
  • Automate reminder or welcome emails so you aren’t repeating the same actions
  • No more meet-and-greet drop-off appointments: save more time by keeping your client interactions electronic
  • Free up space: store all tax documents on the cloud for years
  • TaxDocs can be accessed year-round, not just during tax season

And there are more benefits awaiting you!

Sign up for a free account of TaxDocs. Get a head start on the 2018 tax season that will benefit your bottom line and provide greater value to your tax clients.

(And if you sign up within 24 hours, you’ll also be saving yourself money off of the standard price of TaxDocs!)

Your free trial account of TaxDocs is waiting for you right now!

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