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Paper Invoices and Your Bookkeeper

Paper Invoices and Your Bookkeeper

Positive cash flow. That is a top goal for your business, and your bookkeeper can help you meet that goal by managing and processing your invoices.

When you send your invoices to your customers and clients, you want them to pay you as soon as possible. Your bookkeeper can ensure that all of the pertinent information your client needs is present and correct on the invoice. At the very least, these items should be clear and visible:

  1. The invoice number. Your bookkeeper will match the correct invoice number with the customer or client file.
  2. The due date. Your bookkeeper will be able to generate up-to-date accounts receivable reports based on the due dates of your invoices.
  3. The total amount due. Your bookkeeper will be able to determine if the invoice is paid in full or whether a partial payment was received.
  4. Your business name. Your bookkeeper will ensure that your business name is correct and also clearly detail how and to whom the payment should be made.
  5. Your business address and telephone number. Your bookkeeper will ensure that your business address is clear and legible. Even if you receive all your payments electronically, your complete business address is necessary for the records of your customers and clients. If there are any questions about the invoice, your clients can call your bookkeeper.
  6. Purchase Order Number. Many companies file and pay invoices purchase order; your bookkeeper can ensure that the correct purchase order number is assigned to the client file.

Your bookkeeper will appreciate it when you use LedgerDocs to manage, store, and file your critical business documents, including your invoices. The LedgerDocs digital document management system makes it easy for you to store your primary documents in a central location, allowing you to access them, share them, and edit them from wherever you happen to be using any device with an Internet connection, including your iPhone with the free iPhone app.  The LedgerDocs filing system online is flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Whenever your bookkeeper needs to search your documents, the advanced search functions in LedgerDocs will make that task easy and quick. Your invoices will be securely stored, yet still easily accessed by your bookkeeper and your clients with access permissions that you set up. Try LedgerDocs free for 14 days and see for yourself how you and your bookkeeper can be more productive and meet that positive cash flow goal.

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