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IPBC & LedgerDocs – Webinar Q&As


LedgerDocs recently hosted a webinar for members of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers Canada (IPBC). The topic of the webinar was “LedgerDocs; Your Gateway to the Cloud” and the aim of the webinar was to show IPBC members how LedgerDocs could help them easily move their firms to the cloud.

During the webinar, our Business Development Manager Dene Paquin spoke in-depth about how LedgerDocs works and how it integrates with several other applications including QuickBooks Online and ScanSnap Cloud. There were many questions asked during the Q&A session so we wanted to compile answers to all of your questions in the below blog post.

1. How do I upload my documents to LedgerDocs?

At LedgerDocs our aim is to simplify the process of uploading documents into the app. With this in mind, we offer several different methods of uploading into LedgerDocs.

• Email Upload:

You can send documents by email to your LedgerDocs inbox with the following simple steps:

1. Click on Company Name>Email Tab

2. Request a unique email address which will be assigned to your company

3. Once LedgerDocs accepts your request you can send emails including attachments using the approved email address in the “To” or “Cc” field. LedgerDocs will store the subject line and any additional text as a searchable note in the app.

Note: Our system will send automatic email confirmations when files are received by LedgerDocs.

• Web Browser Upload:

If you’d like to upload via web browser simply log into LedgerDocs using your preferred browser and navigate to the company whose files you wish to upload. Next, you should click on the green “Upload to Inbox” button to drag and drop files that you wish to upload from your computer.

• SmartPhone/Dropbox Upload:

Along with the above two options we also allow LedgerDocs users and their clients the ability to take photos of receipts, invoices, bank statements etc. and send them directly to the company inbox of their choice within LedgerDocs via email. Alternatively, LedgerDocs users can download our iOS or Android app to upload photos of their documents instantly to LedgerDocs. Dropbox users can also easily sync their accounts with a LedgerDocs company inbox folder to send documents directly to your company inbox.

2. How can you use LedgerDocs with QuickBooks Desktop?

If you are a QuickBooks Desktop user you can still get the benefits of using cloud document management software. LedgerDocs can be easily used alongside QuickBooks Desktop when running accounts payable reports saving you time and making it easier for clients to view their financial documents. To help you with this we’ve put together a step-by-step guide.

3. Are there limits to the number of folders I can create?

We have no restrictions on the number of folders you can create for each company. Our knowledge base has more information on working with folders.

4. What types of files can be uploaded into LedgerDocs?

There are also no restrictions on the types of files you can upload into LedgerDocs. The app handles Excel Spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, and backups.

5. Once a document is tagged is it possible to add/replace tags afterward?

It might be the case that you tag a document as a suspense file but after some time you wish to change this tag. The LedgerDocs app allows you to add and replace all document tags as frequently as you like.

6. How would I retrieve Sage 50 or QuickBooks backups from LedgerDocs?

LedgerDocs stores all backups for you and allows you to download them at your own discretion.

7. Can I send bank statements, c/c statements, and utility bills automatically to my LedgerDocs account?

Yes, it is possible to do this with LedgerDocs by setting up auto-forwarding rules in your email inbox. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to automatically forward your documents directly into LedgerDocs.


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