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Keep Your Business Ticking Over with Fuss Free Document Management

Keep Your Business Ticking Over with Fuss Free Document Management

Document management can be laborious, boring and time consuming. Free up more time for your business and see how cloud computing can help your small business.

As a small business, do you throw all your receipts into an old shoebox; What about your invoices, do they go in there too? I bet you have to return to that shoebox over and over again, to rustle through those scraps of papers and decipher which one you are looking for.

It’s a waste of time and effort to partake in this frustrating game. And, just think if anything were to happen to that shoebox. Your business would be thrown into chaos.

There really is no need to have such worries in the times we live in. Today, we can work more efficiently and quickly without the constraints that physical paper and business hours hold.

You can work with your bookkeeper and accountant by keeping your documents in one place for convenience, thanks to modern technology and the latest SAAS accounting applications.

  • Kashoo allows you to get organized and save your hard earned cash on accounting fees, using your cell phone or tablet with accounting software that sends invoices, tracks your expenses, reconciles your bank statements and generates financial reports.
  • Xero helps you manage your monetary movements in real-time with online accounting, invoicing, billing and banking.
  • Freshbooks is a neat application that is designed to help small businesses in the service industry keep track of their financial dealings. Also of use to small businesses is Wave Accounting. You don’t need any accounting experience to use the service with its intuitive design.
  • QuickBooks Online has many of the features already mentioned with the other applications but also allows you to import your existing customer contacts from Microsoft Excel, Outlook, or Gmail.
  • LedgerDocs is tailor made for accountants, bookkeepers and the needs of small businesses and their financial document management.

It can be used to store accounting and bookkeeping documents and those items that you need to access instantly like invoices, expenses, bills, bank statements, and cheque stubs – all in one location.

LedgerDocs is the perfect collaborative tool to allow accountants and clients to work in tandem to save time and money – the two most sought after commodities in business.

Nine to five is no longer an obstacle with LedgerDocs.

You’ll never have to call your accountant again to tell them that you can’t find that invoice they have been hounding you for. You’ll never have to worry about getting to the office of your bookkeeper before 5pm, with a full bag of receipts that you have yet to sort through.

Your accounts can be easily managed at the touch of a button. No need to keep a mess of paperwork at your office and then pass that onto your accountant. Simply log on and email your receipts and invoices into an easy to use system.

We live in the age of 24 hour business. Don’t waste all your time on financial document management. It’s a pertinent aspect of your business, but cloud computing makes it easier.

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